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Rp 195.650.000

*Harga Wilayah Jakarta
You get sophisticated styling that makes a confident statement about you and your business. And along with its smart, modern styling, H-100 delivers an equal measure of versatility and toughness.
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Daftar Harga

Harga on the road Jakarta

Group Model Sales Model Harga on the Road
H100 Chassis Ac Mt Rp 205.000.000
H100 Van Minibus Mt Rp 284.500.000
H100 Van Minibus High Roof Mt Rp 296.500.000
H100 Van Ambulance Mt Rp 285.500.000
H100 Van Ambulance High Roof Mt Rp 296.500.000
H100 Pick Up Mt Rp 195.650.000
H100 Pick Up Ac Mt Rp 205.150.000
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